IDL Deluxe

$ 6,594

Сategory: Dental Chairs


One Kep Automatic Disinfection and Fashion Dental Chair

  • One-button automatic disinfection. Completing the disinfection operation with one button,getting rid of the traditional complicatd type
  • Automatic operation is faster. Modular system, disinfection procedures intelligent operation. The disinfection time is accurately controlled to ensure that the disinfection effect reaches to standard each time
  • Cover all tubes. Disinfect to all water tubes, worry-free sensory control. It can realize the disinfection of handpiece, 3 way syringe, cup filling
    tube, and strong & weak suction tubes
  • Induction water supply. Automatic sensing controls the water supply. Gravity sensing precisely controls the water volume
  • Exclusive Design Dental Light. 6 imported lamp bulbs. 3 light source modes. Simple technology, sensor and button dual control mode.White, yellow, and mixed light source to meet the needs of different treatment operations
  • Self-developed multifunctional pedal. Comfort control, Fully upgraded functions, More efficient one-key dual function
  • Higher class-leading configuration. High quality materials to enhance qualit. More convenient four-hand operation. •Nurse’s chair. Doctor’s chair
  • Instrument tray. Focus on infection control. Humanized design. Powerful function
  • Ultimate skin-friendly experience. Skin-friendly Cushion. Comfortable backrest. Curved headrest. Soft start / stop

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