$ 8,800

Сategory: Dental Chairs


Innovative Digital Intelligent Disinfection Dental Chair

  • One-button automatic disinfection system, built-in disinfection module, one-button water source switching
  • Luxury microfiber leather cushion, soft start and soft stop function, synchronized chair design, chair interlock system, spitting chair position, treatment chair position, emergency chair position, backrest anti-collision, Ti-motion motor, luxury multi-functional foot pedal
  • Imported water and air pipes,high quality for long time use
  • HD LCD screen, with digital air pressure and rotating speed display
  • 3 doctors with 9 sets of chair position memory setting
  • Intelligent self-test when power-on, fault code display
  • Safety emergency auto stop anti-collision function in case of resistance to avoid wrong operation
  • 180° outward rotatable side box enables flexibility and more space for practice. 380mm ultra-low seat position for elderly and children
  • Curved design headrest offering patient more comfort during treatment
  • Synchronized cushion movement for more patient comfort
  • Imported water and air tubes, anti-corrosion and durable, Ti-motion motor which is quiet and stable
  • Instrument tray delivery system heating water function which provide warm water for handpiece and three way syringe, double filtration for water purify system

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