For The First Time,

IDL Dental Technologies Ltd is pleased to present an innovative organic product – bone organic material based on Coral from COREBONE. COREBONE company has all international certificates of quality and compliance, such as CE, ISO.

Advantages Corebone Coral Graft:

Bioactive Coral Bone Material
Natural Alternative to Bullish and human bone
Pure coral mineral enriched with Silicon and Strontium for bioactivity and strength
Made from corals grown in biomimetics in a controlled coral farm

Corebone Coral Graft

The perfect alternative to bovine and synthetic products Coral graft has been used as a bone graft material for 30 years.

The quality of the bone material and its composition, structure, strength and resorption have led to the use in dental and orthopedic procedures in hundreds of thousands of cases.

However, in the last decade, corals have been declared as endangered, and their quality has decreased due to increasing pollution of the sea. CoreBone corals are grown in a closed, controlled water (aquarium) system.

The use of proprietary technologies and laboratory sea water enriched with bioactive nutrients allowed CoreBone to use natural bone-like properties of corals.

All this prevents the risks associated with sea pollution. The CoreBone transplantation material consists of a pure mineral coral. It consists of calcium, as well as carbonate crystals (> 95%) in the form of aragonite, enriched with silicon, strontium and other inorganic substances.

It is known that the three main elements – calcium, silicon and strontium – play an important role in the process of bone mineralization and activation of enzymatic reactions with osteogenic cells.

  • Biomimetic bone graft is made from corals cultured in a closed and controlled system enriched with silicon and strontium for bioactivity and strength
  • Bioactive – provides binding to bone tissue
  • The strength is not inferior to human bones
  • Biodegradable – absorbed and resorbed by osteoclastic activity during the restructuring of the bone structure
  • Porous material – provides vascularization, which is a prerequisite for the growth of bone tissue.
  • Safe – made without the use of materials of human, bovine or porcine origin.