Launched in 2008, it is a steadily growing company with a strong position in the development, production and distribution of implants, orthopedic components and a variety of dental surgical instruments.

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Implantation System

He goal of our company is to achieve the maximum possible and complete integration of the products of IDL Dental Technologies Ltd and the macroorganism. Initial healing and long-term stability of the adjacent bone depend on the micromechanical characteristics of the implants, their design and surface structure.

The direct influence of these characteristics on the favorable outcome in modern implantology has been unquestionably proven by numerous successful clinical results. Our system is designed in such a way that, under the right conditions, it serves as a complete replacement for natural teeth. All components of the system function smoothly for the sole purpose of providing a reliable clinical result and lifelong functionality of the dental implant.


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IDL Dental Technologies LTD

It implements high quality dental implants that have earned the trust among doctors and have all the necessary documents confirming their safety. We also offer a large selection of tools and biomaterials.

Progressive Implant

Spiral implant with internal hexagon.

Core Implant

Spiral implant with internal hexagon.

Prime Implant

Spiral implant with internal hexagon.

One Piece Implant

IDL Single Stage Implants.

Compressive Flexible Implant

Spiral implant with internal hexagon.

Compressive Non Flexible Implant

Spiral implant with internal hexagon.

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