Quality Assurance!

IDL Dental Technologies Ltd strictly complies with international standards of quality control and provides a lifetime guarantee on all types of implants, which is the key to emotional balance, calm and professional confidence of each implantologist and his patients.

IDL is certified by IQC to the ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device quality standard and ISO 9001: 2015.

Special Procedures for Ensuring Top Product Quality:

  • SLA implant surface coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Acid bullying
  • Procedures for removing particles from implant surfaces
  • Checking agents used in particle removal
  • Chemical surface analysis to verify that any chemicals used to remove particles have been washed from the surface.
  • Checking Surface Treatments to show whether any particles remain on the surface.
  • Before radiation sterilization, all implants undergo a three-step cleaning process after fabrication.

Cleaning and Sterilization Processes

We use advanced and thorough cleaning procedures for all dental implants to ensure flawless surface structure and chemical composition, as well as cleanliness.

All implant products according to the standard protocol follow a multi-step cleaning procedure and verified sterilization process before they are declared environmentally friendly and ready for the packaging process.