A refund

When making online payments using payment cards, cash refunds are not allowed. The return procedure is governed by the rules of international payment systems:

  1. The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before its delivery; after the delivery of the goods, the refusal must be issued within 14 days;
  2. Return of a product of proper quality is possible if its presentation, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified product are preserved;
  3. The consumer does not have the right to refuse a product of proper quality that has individually defined properties if the specified product can be used exclusively by the person purchasing it;
  4. If the consumer refuses the goods, the seller must return to him the amount of money paid by the consumer no later than ten days from the date the consumer submits the corresponding demand.

To return funds to a bank card, you must fill out the “Application for Refund of Funds”, which is sent upon request by the company by email, and send it along with a copy of your identification document to the [email protected].

Refunds will be made to a bank card within ___ business days from the date of receipt of the “Application for Refund” by the Company.

To return funds for transactions carried out with errors, you must submit a written application and attach a copy of your identification document and checks/receipts confirming the erroneous debit. This application must be sent to the [email protected].

The refund amount will be equal to the purchase amount. The period for consideration of the Application and return of funds begins to be calculated from the moment the Company receives the Application and is calculated in working days excluding holidays/weekends.

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