IDL Dental Technologies Ltd: Innovating for Your Smile’s Perfection

Our Journey and Growth

Since our inception in 2008, IDL Dental Technologies Ltd has been on a continuous trajectory of growth, solidifying our position in the development, production, and distribution of dental implants, orthopedic components, and a wide array of dental surgical instruments. Leveraging years of experience and research conducted by world leaders in Implantology, we have crafted the innovative IDL dental implant system. This system, renowned for its precision production technology and multi-level surface treatment, ensures confident osseointegration of implants.

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The manufacturing process of IDL implants

Prosthetic System Innovation

IDL Dental Technologies Ltd has developed a prosthetic system for implants featuring an internal hexagon, as well as a conical connection. Following the principle of “one prosthetic platform for almost all variants and diameters,” this system facilitates the free choice of suprastructures, guided solely by restoration requirements.

Individual Approach and Innovation

Our extensive product range allows for an individualized treatment approach for each patient, considering the anatomical features of the jaws and ensuring superb aesthetics. Many of the innovative solutions within the IDL system have been proposed by dentists with extensive experience in the field of implantology.

Dentists using IDL products in their practice.

Educational Programs and Social Responsibility

IDL Dental Technologies Ltd showcases clinical cases of full rehabilitation on IDL implants in numerous publications and conducts various educational programs to meet the needs of both experienced implantologists and beginning general practitioners. We actively participate in charity events, including the “Quality of Life for Parents” campaign.

An educational seminar for dentists.

Global Presence and Our Principles

Each year, IDL products make their way into new countries. To ensure the best service, our company operates local sales and service centers. Selling our products to dealers worldwide and developing an effective delivery plan highlight our global orientation.

An international conference featuring IDL.

Our Mission

Price, high quality, and service are the fundamental principles of our work, enabling us to grow and assist dentists from many countries around the world to evolve with us, offering our patients a beautiful smile and a different quality of life!

What We Do

For a decade, we’ve been helping dental practices save and businesses grow. We can review what you’re currently buying and provide you with the IDL alternative, for virtually any product.

Consultation with an IDL specialist on purchase optimization.

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