Evolution implant


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The design of the implants is optimized as much as possible due to the shape of the implant body, as well as the design of threads and micro-threads. The recommended subcrestal
implant placement helps to preserve periimplantar tissues and improve their trophism.

A predictable result in cases where high primary stability is required: when installed in a hole or in a low-density bone.

No special tools and orthopedic components are required – the implants are compatible with the main line of the 2.42 hexagon platform, RBM coating.

The reverse cone neck of the implant and the platform function are designed to maximize the volume of bone and soft tissues.

The cylindrical-conical shape and progressive carving provide excellent
fixation due to the condensation of bone in the spongy layer, even at its low density.

The double thread in the cervical region improves load distribution in
the cortical bone. Deeper thread in the lower part of the implant promotes bone condensation in the spongy layer.

The optimal orthopedic position of the implant is achieved thanks to reversible
cutting grooves and cutting blades in the apical part.

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