Professional Implantology Kit


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The large color-coded tray is equipped with a drill marking system. This system ensures easy and efficient use of drills throughout the operation.

Kit contents:

24 taper drills with hydrocarbon coated stoper
Step drills with titanium-carbon coating: 6 pcs.
Cortical drills 3.7-4.2 and 5.0-6.0
Lindemann drill 2.5
Bone mill drill for alveolar floor
Ball drill for sinus lift
Pilot drill 2.0
Marking drill
Drill extension
Trepan 4.0-5.0
Mukatom 5.0

Keys for implants PROGRESSIVE platform 2.42
Implant keys PROGRESSIVE 3.0 narrow platform
Keys for Prime Implants
Keys for orthopedics:
2 ratchet wrenches (10 and 15mm.)
2 keys for the motor (10 and 15mm.)
2 hand keys (10 and 15mm.)

Parallel pins:
Long 2pcs.
Short 2pcs.

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