Loc-in Straight


Сategory: Hex Prosthetics


IDL anchors are designed and manufactured in a prestigious and high-tech state of the art facility, making it virtually impossible to improperly seat an overdenture.

IDL Loc-In attachments have incredible resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces an attachment must withstand. Indicated for use with overdentures or partial dentures retained in whole or in part by dental implants in the mandible or maxilla, the Loc-In system offers both Loc-In males and extended range males which are designed for maximum versatility and retention and angulation to suit each patient’s needs. Locator males allow for insertion of the overdenture with a minimum of 0 degrees and with up to an extensive 60 degrees of divergence between implants and are available with 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 2.6 Kg of retention forces.

Retention force can be evaluated chair side depending on patient preference for the level of ease of insertion and removal of extended range. Once seated the Loc-In attachment’s dual retention feature provides a firm connection both inside and outside of the attachment, delivering twice the amount of retention surface area compared to other attachments, also once seated, the Loc-In male remains in static contact with the attachment. Its dual retention feature ensures the long-lasting performance of the attachment. Loc-In overdenture attachment system continues preferable choice of clinicians worldwide, patients all over the world are enjoying an unprecedented quality of life without the worry of ill-fitting dentures thanks to the Loc-In overdenture system.

All of IDL’s retention caps are made in Italy from silicone, unlike the competitor’s nylon made caps. IDL offers purchase of stand-alone Loc-In abutments and retention caps as a refill option, and also in kits including Abubtment, metal housing, protective disc and 4 retention caps with different retention forces.

Straight Loc-in Abutment Narrow 2.0

Loc-In Collar Height Ø mm Diametr Code
1.0 mm 3.5 mm ISLAN 1
2.0 mm 3.5 mm ISLAN 2
3.0 mm 3.5 mm ISLAN 3
4.0 mm 3.5 mm ISLAN 4
5.0 mm 3.5 mm ISLAN 5
6.0 mm 3.5 mm ISLAN 6

Straight Loc-in Abutment Regular

Loc-In Collar Height Ø mm Diametr Code
0.5 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 05
1.0 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 1
2.0 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 2
3.0 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 3
4.0 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 4
5.0 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 5
6.0 mm 3.75 mm ISLA 6

Loc-in Straight Abutment Kit Narrow 2.0

Collar Height Code
1.0 mm IPLI-SP10
2.0 mm IPLI-SP20
3.0 mm IPLI-SP30
4.0 mm IPLI-SP40
5.0 mm IPLI-SP50
6.0 mm PLI-SP60

Loc-in Straight Abutment Kit Regular

Collar Height Code
0.5 mm IPLI-RP05
1.0 mm IPLI-RP10
2.0 mm IPLI-RP20
3.0 mm IPLI-RP30
4.0 mm IPLI-RP40
5.0 mm IPLI-RP50
6.0 mm IPLI-RP60

Analog Loc-in Abutment

Analog Collar Height Ø mm Diametr Code
Ø 3.75 mm 10 mm ILOC-AN

Loc-in Universal Insertion & Extraction Tool

Lenght Code
7.5 mm DFL

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