Microsurgical tissue tweezers – 1064/T

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Сategory: Dental Instruments by Medesy, Tweezers


An exceptional line of microsurgical tissue tweezers. Each model has a special feature that makes it extremely effective and high-performance: tungsten carbide inserts (REF 1063/TC), diamond tips (REF 1064/D), with 0.7 mm hole and diamond tips (REF 1064/T), saw edge 1 x 2 with diamond tips (REF 1064/OY) or with the standard knurling (REF 1063). The line has recently been upgraded with the addition of some models which, in addition to the features mentioned, are coated with a thin layer of DLC (diamond-like carbon) which offers additional resistance to corrosion, greater biocompatibility, a low coefficient of friction and prolongs the life of the instrument itself. The DLC-coated models that are included in our NERISSIMO line can be recognised by the suffix “.NE” that can be identified in the codes.

180 mm

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