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The IDL Overdenture Lock Attachments are designed for use with overdentures or partial dentures retained in whole or in part by dental implants in the mandible or maxilla.

Low-Lock attachment featuring the lowest vertical profile. This new compact design with an internal thread will ensure multiple solutions for the most complex treatment plans including those which demonstrate divergent implants. The low-lock innovative design offers the best aesthetic results. Low-Lock is the smallest attachment available on the market even with its reduced height and width it maintains equal retention values of the most popular ball and cap attachment systems. The high degree of elastic quality designed into each IDL’s retentive female cap allows for a greater contact zone interface between the cap lining and male component. Each cap assures superior stability and long-term functionality. Low-Lock retention caps are available in a variety of color-coded retention levels.

The Low-Lock profile gives optimum insertion and controlled distribution of the masticatory forces on tissue preventing overstress on the implant abutments, in both cases parallelism between the implants or in cases where the divergence may reach 30 degrees. Due to the tolerance of the Low-Lock design, together with the elasticity of the retentive cap in excess of these divergence degrees, the optimal solution is the castable Low-Lock when U is connected to the UCL and the implant system allows the technician to correct any kind of divergence achieving the desired direction. Providing the aesthetic result and passive insertion of the prosthesis, the internal thread allows the Low-Lock abutment to be connected passively for the construction of caste or milled bar.

Due to the elastic Seger system, the passive insertion of the bar is possible even in cases of extreme divergence between implants. Simplifying the technique traditionally used, you are compensating for any small imperfections arising during the clinical or laboratory procedures. IDL offers purchase of stand-alone Low-Lock abutments and retention caps as a refill option, and also in kits including Abubtment, metal housing, protective disc and 4 retention caps with different retention forces.

IDL-Lock Content Accessories Information Table

Product Type Info Code
Lab Cap (is available on request) 0 kq IRCL-LB
Extra-soft cap 0.6 kq – 1.5 lbs IRCL 06
Soft Cap 1.2 kq – 3.0 lbs IRCL 12
Standard Cap  1.8 kq – 4.5 lbs IRCL 18
Strong Cap 2.6 kq – 8.0 lbs IRCL 26
Metal Housing (height 2.0mm) Ø 4.5 mm IMH-LOC
Protective Disc IDP

Analog IDL-Lock Abutment

Analog Ø mm Diametr Height, mm Code
Ø 4.0 mm 14 mm EQ-AN

IDL-Lock Impression Transfer

Transfer Code

Insertion & Extraction Tool

Universal Tool Code

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