Implant Cement


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Implant Cement is a dual-cure cement that has been formulated to enhance efficiency. This advanced material can be light-cured for accelerated polymerization and allow quick, easy, one-piece removal of excess cement. This flexibility provides greater control in regard to gel phase duration and easy removal of any excess cement.

Implant Cement

Implant Cement is specifically designed for implant-retained crowns. It is perfect for use in the temporary cementation of provisional restorations, where long-term or increased retention is desired. Implant Cement offers superb retention and a superior seal compared to other materials due to its elastomeric resin composition. Implant Cement has a mechanical retention instead of a chemical one which allows the crown to be safely removed without it being damaged for retreatment or adjustments. Implant Cement is composed of a tough elastomeric resin that provides resilience to daily occlusal stresses. It also absorbs shock, flexes under masticatory forces, and stands against deterioration.

Product Details

Implant Cement is a specially formulated cement that provides semi-permanent adhesion and dependable compressive strength. It is perfect for customized abutments with reduced adhesive areas and those which are low in size. Boasting an astonishingly low film thickness of 10 microns, this material will not bring resistance to displacement. The polymerized structure of the resin gives it remarkable compressive strength while also ensuring a top-notch marginal seal.

The plastic phase of the material allows for easy removal of residue in one piece, and there is no fear of leaving particle remnants. No damage will occur to attached restorations either due to its perfectly balanced adhesion ability. Eugenol-free, antibacterial, and neutral in taste and odor, are all qualities that make Implant Cement a great choice.

Technical Information:

  • Working time: approximately 80 sec.
  • Gel phase: 2-3 min. (for removal of excess material during placement).
  • Setting time in the mouth: 5-6 minutes.
  • Setting time with light-curing: approximately 20 sec.
  • Film thickness: < 10 µm.
  • Compression strength: 100 MPa


  • Damage-free removal of implant restorations.
  • Extremely low film thickness, only 10 μm.
  • Dual-cure for easy removal of excess cement and for quick and easy application.
  • Compatible with all material combinations.
  • Temporary long-term luting of implant-worn provisional and permanent restorations and luting of temporary restorations.
  • Interlocking, masticatory-stable stress-free cementing.
  • Convenient working time.
  • Significantly lower displacement resistance compared to conventional cement.
  • Residues may be easily removed.
  • Antibacterial, eugenol-free, odorless, and tasteless.

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